Wood Shakes Roofing

If you want your house to stand out among others in your neighborhood, you should consider a wood shake/cedar shake roof.

Most wood shingle roofs are made from renewable tree varieties, making it a great option for the environmentally conscious home owner, and since it is a natural product, wood shingle roofing helps prevent the build up of heat in the attic, making it more energy efficient than its asphalt cousin.

These products are typically made from red or white cedar but they are also available in pine, spruce, redwood, cypress and Douglas fir. Solid wood is the standard and is unmatched for beauty and durability. In fact, if wood were just being discovered today, it would be heralded as a miracle product. It takes a wide variety of finishes well, offers some insulation value, is easy to repair and install, and is available prestained, primed or unfinished in many styles. Some products even come with fire-retarding treatments.

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