Standing Seam Metal

Metal roofs can be mechanically seamed, or have snap together seams, tongue and groove seams, or hooked seams. Standing seam metal roofing panels can be custom fabricated in the shop or roll-formed on-site. Metal roof systems fall into two categories: structural and architectural. A standing seam sheet metal roofs is an example of an architectural system. These roofs are designed to be a watershed system rather than a water barrier system, and require slopes of 3:12 (or 14 degrees) or greater.

Metal roofs are durable, fire retardant and almost maintenance-free. They are also energy efficient; metal reflects heat and blocks its transfer into the attic. Research by the Florida Solar Energy Center in 1985 showed that metal absorbed 34 percent less heat than asphalt shingles, and homeowners switching to metal roofing reported saving up to 20 percent on their energy bills.


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