Gutter & Skylights

We install Velux skylights


Roofing-Commercial9Commercial buildings are in need of gutters for pretty much the same reasons as residential structures – water drainage, protection from insects, protection of building foundation, etc. But a vital need of a gutter system on commercial buildings is the business clientele. No customer would want to come to your business establishment if they were to get soaked during a rain storm because of the lack of gutters on your building.

Box Gutters

Roofing-Commercial10A box style gutter is important in the fact that it is self flashing. This gives something for the roofing membrane to adhere to creating a water proof bond at the gutter edge. A typical residential K style gutter usually requires a separate piece of flashing. In using this separate piece of flashing, you cannot get the same water tight bond as you can with a self flashing gutter.


Hardie Siding

Gutter-Sliding-Commercial1HardiePlank® lap siding is the most popular brand of siding in America and can be found on over 4 million homes. With its strength, beauty and durability, HardiePlank® siding enhances and protects homes in all kinds of climates—and now, with the HardieZone™ System, James Hardie provides siding with specific performance attributes relative to the climate where the product is being used. James Hardie now gives you the optimum siding for your home and climate, regardless of location.

All HardiePlank® lap siding comes in a variety of looks and textures, all of which are engineered for climate. We are so sure about how well the HardieZone system will perform, HardiePlank® lap siding comes with a 30-year nonprorated, transferable, limited warranty—our strongest warranty ever.

Gutter-Sliding-Commercial2For the ultimate in performance with HardieZone™ products, add ColorPlus® Technology. This proprietary process involves applying consistent, multiple coats of paint that was created especially for the demands climate places on a home’s exterior. The end result is a beautiful consistent finish that lasts up to 2x’s longer.* For HZ5™ board environments, this baked-on coating offers maximum durability and resistance to prolonged exposure to freezing climate and moisture contact, eliminating weather delays and labor costs associated with field-applied paint. In HZ10™ board areas, the specially formulated paint stands up to UV levels in a way few field-applied paints can, offering up to 30% more fade resistance.** Considering all ColorPlus Technology finishes are warranted for 15 years, you can see why it’s the ultimate complement to the ultimate siding.


Siding Replacement

Gutter-Sliding-Commercial3The overall durability and lifespan are some of the best benefits about Siding. For the most part, it doesn’t need too many repairs, but this is not to say that damage does not occur from time to time due to external elements such as storms, normal wear and tear, etc. That Being said, Because your home’s siding plays such an important roll in protecting the interior workings and systems of your house you need to make sure you fix to siding issues as soon as they surface. We encourage every homeowner and business owner to inspect their home’s siding every year, looking for discolored spots and/or bent, torn, missing or uneven / bubbled segments. As with most things in life, when caught early enough the siding repairs necessary will be less expensive and easier.

Gutter-Sliding-Commercial4The point of repair and replacing your siding, at least some sections of it, becomes necessary to ensure the long term health of your home or business. Our licensed, bonded, and insured siding experts will give you a free inspection of your siding and lay out the facts about your siding situation. You will be comfortable with our staff as their expertise and years of experience will be obvious as they explain the current issues and offer multiple siding solutions. We are affordable, knowledgeable, and available on evenings and weekends to ensure we meet when it is convenient for you.

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